Guitar Hero 2 For The Sony Playstation 2 (Ps2)

Would you love to live the dream? Imagine yourself on-stage playing on a live band with thousands of fans screaming with every strum of your guitar? Guitar Hero 2 on the Sony PS2 video game console, allows you to do just that. Ever imagined yourself on stage playing on a live band with thousands ofRead More

Glitch Reporting Tips

The purpose of a games tester is to report problems with a video game, right? You have to describe what the glitch or bug is and how it happens. Well, what if you can’t remember how you did it? It might be a good idea to keep notes on decisions, levels, and other details ofRead More

Become a Gaming Expert

Being considered a “gaming expert” looks pretty good on the resume. Writing reviews, guides, and even starting a website are different ways to go about it. My suggestion? Do them all-in-one.   Set up your site. There are several free blog and regular free web hosts out there, as well as the non-free alternatives. IRead More