Tips to improve your winnings in Blackjack

When you look at the game of blackjack, it is pretty easy to learn. Take it too easy and you can end up losing a lot of money. If you plan to make some “investment”, then you must remember some guidelines so you do not go home empty handed. Belo are some great tips from Ciro Esposito, a gambling guru from Wellington.

Even if all the stars fall from heaven, never split your hand when you have two tens. Keeping the two tens will keep you in a good position to win. There will be a very low chance that you get another card to give you a better hand. It is almost certain that you will lose when you play greedy and split your tens. The advantage of the house will be really high when you split your tens.

When you get something between 13 through 16, the wisest option that you can take is stay. You should only stay when you see the dealer having a six or lower. Most dealers will be confident to make a blackjack that they will most likely bust. The chances are slim but a dealer busting is still a win for you. That still spells money.

When given the cards, look carefully what you have. When you have pair Aces or pair eights, then the best choice is to split the hand. Do this whatever the dealer has in front of him. Winning twice is a high probability when you follow this tip while your 8-8 will have a low probability of winning. Splitting the Aces will also give you a good chance of winning.

Check your cards and check the card of the dealer that is face up. When the dealer shows a 10 then you must continue asking for more cards until you come to at least 17. Don’t stop until you have a 17 at least since there is a high chance that the other card of the dealer is another 10. For best results, you need a blackjack or push the dealer to bust.